Chair: Alexander Gumennik, Indiana University Bloomington, FAMES Lab

Fibers and textiles are among the most ancient forms of human expression. Yet, it’s only in the last few decades that yarns and fabrics began acquiring functionalities influential to human wellbeing beyond mere thermal regulation, mechanical protection, and decoration.
Smart, functional fibers and textiles (FFT) is a booming interdisciplinary area of research transformative among others to the markets of biomedical devices, apparel and fashion, composites for aerospace, automotive, and construction. Applications of FFT spanning but are not limited to energy harvesting and management, physiological monitoring and stimulation, brain-computer interfacing, active camouflaging, and data management, processing, and communication.
This symposium will bring together world-renown speakers that will present the cutting edge advances in the field of FFT, including:

  • Design, manufacturing, and characterization of fiber devices
  • Integration of fiber devices into textiles and composites
  • Impact of the system integration on the fiber device performance
  • Materials for enhanced FFT performance
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for FFT
  • Bio-interfacing FFT
  • FFT for modern computation and communication
  • FFT for energy harvesting, storage, and regulation

Alexander Gumennik

Indiana University Bloomington, FAMES Lab


Yoel Fink

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Plenary Speaker