Nanocoatings, thin films engineered at the nanoscale, offer a wide range of properties and applications, revolutionizing surface functionalities, durability, and performance.

This interdisciplinary Symposium is dedicated to the latest advancements, cutting-edge research, and novel applications of nanocotings for a sustainable and innovative future.

Topics covered:

1.     Advances in Nanomaterials for Coatings: Highlighting the latest nanomaterials and their synthesis techniques used in nanocoatings.

2.     Nanocoatings for Corrosion Protection: Presenting research and case studies on how nanocoatings enhance the corrosion resistance of materials.

3.     Self-Cleaning and Easy-to-Clean Nanocoatings: Exploring nanocoatings that possess self-cleaning properties and their applications in different settings.

4.     Antimicrobial Nanocoatings: Discussing nanocoatings with antimicrobial properties and their potential for healthcare and other industries.

5.     Nanocoatings for Energy Applications: Addressing the use of nanocoatings to improve energy efficiency in various devices and systems.

6.     Nanocoatings for Electronics and Optoelectronics: Presenting advancements in nanocoatings to protect and enhance the performance of electronic components.

7.     Nanocoatings for Aerospace and Automotive Industries: Exploring nanocoatings for lightweighting, fuel efficiency, and improved performance in aerospace and automotive applications.

8.     Smart Nanocoatings: Discussing nanocoatings that respond to external stimuli or have sensing capabilities.

9.     Nanocoatings for Textiles and Wearables: Examining nanocoatings applied to textiles for various functionalities like water resistance, stain resistance, and UV protection.

10. Biocompatible Nanocoatings for Medical Devices: Presenting research on nanocoatings used in medical implants and drug delivery systems.

11. Regulatory and Safety Considerations for Nanocoatings: Addressing the challenges and guidelines related to the safe use and disposal of nanocoatings.

12. Nanocoatings for Sustainable and Green Applications: Discussing eco-friendly nanocoatings and their contributions to sustainability.

13. Nanocoatings Manufacturing and Scale-up: Presenting scalable methods for the large-scale production of nanocoatings.

14. Commercialization and Market Trends of Nanocoatings: Exploring the current market landscape and future opportunities for nanocoatings in different industries.

15. Characterization Techniques for Nanocoatings: Discussing various techniques to analyze and evaluate the properties of nanocoatings.

16. Case Studies and Success Stories: Real-world examples and success stories of nanocoatings implementation in different applications.

17. Challenges and Future Prospects of Nanocoatings: Addressing the current challenges in nanocoatings research and the potential future developments in the field.